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find market niches
discover new competition
ensure your brand is clearly differentiated

Our Intelligent Brand Strategy Platform automates your brand research process and streamlines brand strategy creation. We analyse brand data from around the globe in real-time to offer trends, insights and strategies which you can use to create and verify your brand positioning. We take out the guesswork and deliver data-driven positioning, giving you a rationale and assurance that your brand's design, relevance and strategy are on-track for success.




Get a New Perspective on Your Brand Positioning

We empower your brand with insights, analysis and trends to help you create effective brand strategies that separate you from the competition and that resonate with your audience.

Size-up the Competition

Your competition is constantly evolving. We give you the tools to keep ahead of it. Track the competitors you know, discover ones you don’t. Find similarities and how you can differentiate yourself from them.

Bulletproof Your Designs

See exactly what fonts, colors and writing styles are being used out there. Find references, get inspiration from other industries and make intelligent decisions on your visual identity.

Take your branding to the next level.

Qualified Team
Our international team led by seasoned software developers and branding design consultants with over 10 years of experience.
Extensive Research
Our platform automatically determines the brand positioning of thousands of brands across industries which would be infeasible to do by hand.
Machine Intelligence
We leverage the latest machine learning tech, trained by branding professionals to ensure accurate results.
A True Market Overview
Tweak your strategies across markets by segmenting your overviews to find differences between regions, countries, cities, and demographics.
Get Ahead of Trends
Track market movements, get ahead of new trends and take advantage of ones that your competitors haven’t noticed yet.
Balancing Creativity with Science
Back your brand story with real-world references to make your branding stronger.

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