How We Help

Data-driven brand strategy is the next big thing.

Our Intelligent Brand Strategy Platform automates your brand research process and streamlines brand strategy creation. The platform analyzes brand data from around the globe in real-time to offer trends, insights and strategies which you can use to create and verify your brand positioning. We take out the guesswork and deliver data-driven positioning, giving you a rationale and assurance that your brand's design, relevance and strategy are solid.
Screenshot of BrandCrafter's Intelligent Brand Strategy Platform

Brand Positioning and Analytics

Insights, analysis and trends to help you formulate effective brand communication strategies that resonate with your industry and audience.

Content Research

We can quickly suggest terms related to your branding and give you text examples to help inspire you to properly express your brand's character.

Visual Identity

Our system will suggest industry-relevant typefaces, imagery and colour to give your brand's design a jump start.

Why Trust Us


Our intelligent machine takes branding to new level.

Qualified Team
We are an international team led by seasoned software developers and branding design consultants.
Unbiased Research
Our platform continually mines thousands of data for any industry and surpasses the capability of human brand researchers.
Machine Intelligence
Our data experts have trained an intelligent machine that can extract the precise knowledge from thousands of data that has been mined.
Data-led Decision
Without needing to build your own data science team, we ensure you are early in embracing opportunities and reacting to market threats.
Rationalising Designs
We terminate design dead-ends. Let real market data be in part of your process and let your rationale become even more vividly candid.
Breaking Ground
Branding needs to be levelled up from point-in-time instinctive to on-going, testable and measurable scientific experiment, yet affordable.

Take control of your brand. Terminate design dead-ends.

Top companies are in dire need of world-class data to inform their branding decisions. Yet, no digital analytics tool is solving this problem. Sign up to get early access of the future of branding. It only takes you a minute to see how we turn the intangible brand strategy into visualised, actionable data that can powerfully back up all your branding decisions.


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